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2022 Calendar of Events

Pre-registration is appreciated for selected events.
Please call our garden center to register 262-679-1610.
No registration is required for Feature Days.
April 23 Garden Center Opens for the Season
April 30 Feature Day: "New Perennials at Shady Acres"
more info
May 7 & 8 Mother's Day Weekend
Kids Planting Project: "Create a Gift for Mom" more info
May 21 & 22 Planting Project: "Crazy Container Contest" more info
May 30 Memorial Day: Special Hours 9:00am to 4:00pm
June is Perennial Gardening Month!
June 4 Feature Day: "Incredible Herbs" more info
June 18 & 19 Feature Day: "Hosta Hoopla" more info
June 25 Planting Project: "Create a Summer Planter"
more info
July 4 Independence Day Holiday (Closed)
July 16 Feature Day: "Native Plants" more info
July 16 Nursery Tour:"Behind the Scenes at Shady Acres"
more info
July 31 Garden Center closes for the season at 4pm.
Our garden center does not have regular hours in August, September and October. If you are in need of perennials during these late summer/early fall months, please contact us for availability. We will be happy to assemble your plants and arrange a convenient time for pick up.

Call 262-679-1610 or email